Reviews and Accolades

Avenue Magazine 9th Annual Calgary’s Best Restaurant 2012: Best Sushi, Splurge #1 Winner award
-Avenue Magazine

Calgary sushi chefs keep their edge far from the sea, As our palates prove ever more adventurous, Calgary's restaurants are keeping pace -- today, we meet the chefs behind the knives on the sushi scene.
      -Calgary Hearld Artisan Sushi Article

Almost forgotten among the bulk of new sushi bar openings, Blowfish stands out for its combination of traditional and contemporary sushi. Order tuna belly nigiri and one piece might look like standard sushi bar fare while a second piece might be topped with a ginger-ponzu compote. Both will be excellent sushi.
      -The top 12 of 2007 by John Gilchrist, Calgary Herald

"We were certainly well taken care of and for those who’d like the ultimate in service, Blowfish offers Omakase, a Japanese tradition where the guest entrusts the chef to take care of them. You’ll get a five-course meal of the chef’s selection. We’re saving this for our next visit"

"With just one bite of the Grapefruit and Pomegranate Salad in a homemade spring roll cup we were hooked, line and sinker."

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